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A Great Upper Body Workout Without Weights to Build Muscle

Pumping iron is a great way to build up your body, but sometimes you want to step out of the box and do something different. It is good to change up your routine so your body does not get too used to your regimen and stop responding. Read on to learn a new upper body workout without weights. You can tone your arms, back, chest, and shoulders. And, of course, there is work for your abs as well. This routine is based on six exercise and presumes you have access to a pull up bar.

You will perform these as supersets. You will do 3 supersets, 2 exercises each. That is the breakdown of this routine.

The initial superset consists of push ups with mountain climbers and pull ups.

To properly perform the pull up, you want to place your hands on the bar roughly shoulder width apart. Now begin by releasing your body weight and supporting yourself solely with your straight arms on the bar. Your grip should be overhand. Make sure your body is tense, support your stomach muscles and lift your body up until your chin is above the bar. Remain in control and slowly drop your body down. Do as many as you can without failure. So if can’t do 6 properly then do 5 with proper form.

Straight after this do a standard push up with mountain climber. Execute a standard push up and when you return to your beginning stance, lift your knee to your elbow and lower it back down. Repeat this move with your other leg. This entire combination of motions counts as one repetition. You should perform at least 10 reps and as many as 20 reps, based on your fitness level.

Repeat these cycle of supersets over the course of 5 minutes. Take as much rest as you need, but aim to do them with little rest between.

The second superset consists of decline press ups and negative wide grip pull ups.

A chair or bench will be required to perform the negative pull ups. Begin by getting a wide grip on the pull up bar. Hang down, but keep one foot on the chair or bench. Start pulling your body then at the same use your foot and leg to push yourself up until your chin is above the bar. From here slowly lower yourself down to the start position. Repeat this action with the alternate leg. As you progress in fitness level, repeat it on the same leg. As before, perform as many repetitions as you are able to do correctly.

From here it’s to the decline push up. Place both feet on the bench and place your body into a standard boy style push up position. Keeping your body straight and do a standard push up – Try 10 to 20 reps.

Again, you will do this superset for five minutes going back and forth between these two exercises.

The third and last superset consists of close grip push ups and chin ups with knee tucks.

With the chin up and knee tuck start by hanging straight down, hands close together with a underhand grip. If you are able, pull your body up and draw your knees into your chest. You should find that moving your legs gives you a bit of momentum to help you get your chin above the bar. Gradually drop your legs and arms to your starting position. Complete as many of these as you can do correctly.

Next we have the close grip press up. You position yourself into a push up position, but you place your hands closer together. In fact, your fingers should be so close that they are nearly touching one another. Maintain a straight body with no sag in your butt or back. Then lower yourself down and steadily raise yourself back up in a controlled manner. By bringing your hands together you will target your triceps more. In fact this last combination is great to give the arms a good pump. Try 10-20 reps per set

As with the previous 2 supersets repeat for 5 minutes

This regimen is an excellent upper body workout without weights that will increase your muscle mass and help you burn fat too. You should be extremely sweaty once you complete this workout. If you are not, you need to work harder.

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