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Choose The Site Or The Photographer First?

Seems like every wedding has the potential to have good pictures. I want better than good. I want people to see my wedding photos and think, “Dang! Those are some great pics! I wish I would have done my pics that way!”

So while I’m currently in hot pursuit for finding the Best Houston Wedding Photographer, I started to wonder which one I should choose first? Should I be looking for the perfect setting? The perfect background?

I mean, it would seem that no matter how great the Houston Wedding Photographer is, they still have to have something to work with. I’m doing my part; I’ve been watching what I eat and getting in shape. Now I just have to choose the right place to let them show their skills.

I’ve noticed that when I search for “Houston Wedding Photography” that there are all types of photographers out there. Some seem to do a great job if everyone can manage to sit still for a few minutes, while others take photos that are more “real life.” You know, pictures where people don’t know they’re being photographed?

I want the still portraits, but I really want the event captured in all its glory. I know that when I have too much time to think about it, my smile gets weird. I don’t want that. When I’m more natural, I look my best.

The next is the type of settings that these guys seem to focus on. Indoors? Outdoors? Day? Night? I think I need to get my brain wrapped around the type of environment I want to create, then choose the right photographer for me.

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