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Watching Videos Instead Of Reading Blog Posts

I keep wondering if anyone is going to be writing stuff at all any more. I like reading blog posts, but I’m really starting to enjoy spending time watching videos instead.

People tend to get “wordy” when they’re writing a blog post. Like they have all the time in the world – or maybe just too much time to think about it. With a video, seems like they just talk like a normal conversation.

I was recently looking for a Kirkland Chiropractor and saw some great videos that really helped me make a choice about who I was going to see.

Some sites are just using it as a promotional thing, but it still helps. I was checking out a Chiropractic Coach website and they had a video with some testimonials in it that made me wish I was a chiropractor so I could sign up.

It seems like more and more health-related sites are jumping to videos. With so many choices out there, it makes sense that given the option, people want to see and hear who they are thinking about visiting.

I wouldn’t want to meet a new doctor for the first time in person, not if I can “meet” them through a video on the internet. When I chose my Houston Chiropractor, I definitely enjoyed seeing more of him on video first.

It definitely made all the difference in making me feel good about my choice. On the video, he explained a lot of stuff about how chiropractic could help me. When I got to meet him in person, it was like meeting a celebrity (to a degree).

The best part was when they seemed to be the same on the video as they were in person.

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