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The Fear I Had Learning That Wife Had Breast Cancer And The Way I Still Worry

The biggest fear people have concerning cancer is that it is not diagnosed while in the early stages. That by the time it is found it is already advanced. For example, with cancer of the breast this means that the woman already has breast cancer metastasis When that happens, the woman’s chances that she will continue to be alive 5 years after diagnosis falls drastically. Even with intense treatment the majority of women will succumb to the disease at that stage.

When my spouse found out she had breast cancer it was like time had stopped. The most difficult part was waiting to find out just how poor her situation was. Although she was asymptomatic my greatest fear was that we would find out she had stage 4 breast cancer. Thankfully, it was discovered while in the early stages. She had no lymph node involvement and the tumor was small. Still she had to undergo three tries at breast preserving surgery. On all three occasions the margins were found to be positive . Subsequent to the third effort her surgeon suggested a mastectomy a more serious surgery followed by breast reconstruction and following that five years of hormonal therapy

In many ways she was fortuitous. Hers was not advanced breast cancer. My wife did not require chemotherapy since her cancer reacts better to hormone therapy than to chemotherapy. My wife doing wonderfully now however I would not wish what we went through on anyone. And I am not able to imagine what families must go through if the diagnosis is stage 4 breast cancer. I wish only the best for anyone touched by this disease.

As with cancer of the breast there are other cancers which can be detected early, giving one the possibility of surviving the cancer with appropriate treatment. Like, there are screening tests for men with prostate cancer , for women for cervical cancer and for both men and women for colon cancer . By following the recommended screening guidelines one can greatly improve the chances of detecting the cancer early, before it spreads.

The above is meant simply as basic information and not medical advice. You ought to consult with a doctor concerning any medical problems or medical advice.


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