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Commemorate With A 5 Diamond Band

In what diamond cuts are concerned, we can speak of several different types in which they can be done, all developed in order to fully exploit the properties these beautiful gemstones have. The choice between one particular cut and another is determined by factors such as the form, in which the rough stone was initially shaped, the existence of any potential internal flaws and the place they are located, the concern for preserving the carat weight and the degree in which certain shapes are more or less popular amongst buyers of anniversary wedding rings.

The shape is the form of a diamond and thus we can speak of pear, oval or heart shaped diamond, to name just a few. On the other hand, the cut refers to the reflective qualities of a diamond in a anniversary wedding rings, as well as to its polish, proportioning and symmetry. All these elements have a great influence on the brilliance of a diamond and diamond cutters are well-aware of that.

Basically, the term ‘diamond cut’ designates the more or less perfect symmetry which characterizes the positioning of a diamond’s facets. As all these facets, taken together, can alter the shape and the looks of the gemstone, diamond cutters have to consider carefully the type of cut they choose. They choice should take into account aspects such as the shape and the size of the diamond crystal. And, as we have said before, polish and symmetry are also important elements in a cut as they can have a great impact on how smooth or how poorly or well aligned the facets are. Without a well-done polish, the luster of a diamond in 5 year anniversary can look blurred, whereas a poor symmetry can result in a misdirection of the light coming in and out the diamond.

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