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Working It Out with Paper Shredders

I own a piece of land, just beyond of Boulder Colorado, twelve acres, and on it I have my cabin, my three horses, and just about everything I own. My wife Naomi, my oldest kid Catherine age ten, my son Nathan age five, and our dog Peyton, he’s around eight.

Not to say I possess them, (laughing) but we have been here for just about three years now. We moved here so I could write more, and we also wanted another kid, hence Nathan. So, since I’ve been here, I have written exactly one hundred and four pages, gone through about eight best paper shredders, and frustrated my publisher to no end.

Shannon, my pub rep, has been up here over a dozen times, she always brings the family something, and she knows I will have broke more paper shredders, so she’ll bring me another one. It’s almost laughable, no it is laughable. I know the real story is supposed to be in this book somewhere, but I’ll be if I can locate it. What I should do is buy stock in some corporation that manufacturers fellowes document shredders.

I keep burning through the motors or something, I don’t know, all I can say is that, I have not been able to use computers yet, and typing was the way it had to be. It’s a long story, but to give you an idea, I had been working for a newspaper from about 1984, to the end of 19890, when there was a fire. The fire took our first born Micheal, the fire was caused by a surge on the lines, coming from our worn out systems. Needless to say, I was, and still am traumatized by the whole thing. I know it seems ridiculous, but for some reason I can’t get over it.

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