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Michael Murphy Launches Web Site and Outlines Background Information just launched at the direction of Michael Murphy. It is one of many websites that Michael has contributed to creating. At the current time it is a basic weblog developed on the WordPress system, with a focus on content over design. It utilizes the Thesis theme. Michael also has partaken in the creation of several more functionality driven websites as well.

Michael Murphy resides in Santa Monica, California. He is an expert in monetizing video. He helps corporations and others create streaming video stores and distribute their content to many different screens, including mobile devices. He also helps them produce videos and manage them usefully on the web. Michael also is an expert in internet real estate marketing, social media, and public speaking.

Michael Murphy graduated from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business – the best undergraduate B-school in the US – as the number one student in his undergrad program in 2004. He also completed an MS in Accountancy from Notre Dame’s Mendoza College, again graduating number one in his class. After his formal education, Michael won a prestigious internship at the FASB for a year. He then relocated to Denver, CO to work in internet home marketing, where he became a CPA and licensed real estate agent.

Michael relishes a wide assortment of activities. He enjoys to climb up mountains on his bicycle, skim across powder on his tele-skis, jam on his piano, and get spiritual. He is a well traveled person, having journeyed to Germany, Spain, and many other locations. Before college, he was a decorated basketball and tennis competitor, but has now swapped those activities for triathlon and yoga.

If you’d like to know more about Michael Murphy, please check out his website at

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