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Exploring Expressive Rug Pads

With the addition of a rug pad, that friction and wear and tear is slowed down, thus extending the life of your rug. Obviously this is like rug pads. While this could be done, it is not something that you want to do if you want the job completed the right way. Believe it or not, a rug usually wears out faster on the bottom of your rug than on the top.

Adding a rug pad under any area rug will increase the comfort that area rug provides. If you have a closed cell pad, the dirt is held and cushioned – it’s not constantly ground against the hard floor. But has little, or nothing, to do with area rug pads usually. To avoid this, make sure that the proper rug pad is used.

Replacing wall-to-wall carpet is expensive and very time consuming. What about safety? Have you ever walked on a rug – especially on a runner – and have it slip underneath you? Have you ever tripped on a curled up edge of a rug walking into a room? In these days of ready law-suits, the last thing you want is a hazard waiting to happen – most importantly to keep you and your family safe, but also to prevent unfortunate accidents for guests. This is similar to Oriental rug pads frequently. You do not want to find yourself tripping over your rug time and time again, do you?

This is an extra bonus for those of us that are especially sensitive to these types of bacteria and it’s nice to know that the rug pads in our home prevent bacteria even if we aren’t especially sensitive. Protects your floor from any potential staining. As you can imagine, when you are walking on a rug with a pad underneath it will be much more comfortable.

Rug pads reduce the number of falls and slips. Once you’ve selected the type most suitable for your floor, you have to measure your rug carefully. The pad that you use under your rug is very important. The benefits of rug pads far exceed the inexpensive price of acquiring them as they are very affordable.

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