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Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures that get the Job done

Marketing for dentists has a major focus on oral hygiene and the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases. One of its offshoot specializations is Cosmetic dentistry which is geared towards the improvement of the aesthetic proportions of the mouth and teeth.

Of course a dentist doesn’t need to specialize in providing most of the cosmetic dental procedures available today, in fact many general practitioners will offer certain types of cosmetic dental procedures but for more specific requests you should visit a cosmetic dental surgeon.

These days there are many kinds of dental aesthetics that one can choose from. These can be simple fillings to orthodonture and more complicated procedures like “smile makeovers” Fillings are probably one of the most common dental aesthetic procedures that patients undergo.

This consists of using porcelain and composite materials to fill gaps in the teeth and prevent the further propagation of cavity and deterioration. Sometimes a dentist will look at the functional surface of the teeth and recommend composite bonding which corrects the appearance of tooth damaged by cavity by applying material that mimics the look of enamel and dentin, contoured and hardened through laser light.

Of course there are others who may not be satisfied with their teeth shade and will opt for dental assistance in gaining that sparking pearly white. Teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure where bleaching the teeth enhances the appearance of your smile and significantly reduces the discoloration of teeth.

These can range from mild bleach to intensified teeth bleaching procedures for people who might have clinical origins of their discoloration such as antibiotic use during infancy or congenital bone shading.

Now there is a more convenient and permanent management for single tooth loss as compared to dentures which is the installation of dental implants or artificial tooth replacements. These are used as a prosthetic enhancement for people who do not want to hassle themselves with denture use.

The information in this article is not intended to treat or diagnose any disease.  Please consult a physician when seeking advice or methods of treatment for diseases.

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