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The Precision File Set by Basic Grey

Precision File Set by Basic Grey– Making it easy to personalize raw chipboard Incorporating chipboard onto any scrapbook page is a great way to add dimension onto any page.One of the best features of chipboard is that your options are virtually endless as chipboard can be used to form alphabets, frames or more.What’s also great is that you can personalize your chipboard by using your choice of paper or paint, so that it matches your layout perfectly.

One of the challenges with using chipboard and paper is making the paper look like it’s an actual part of the chipboard.You don’t want it to look like you glued the paper and have messy or crooked edges on the final piece.One of the best answers to this problem is Basic Grey’s Precision File kit.. It’s affordable, nimble and really easy to use.The kit comes with six files: 2 flat boards, a round file, a half-round, one square file and a knife file. The different sizes permit you to go with the file that best fits into the small corners and grooves of the chipboard.

To begin, select your raw chipboard and paper that you want cover onto it.

Use a liquid glue (such as Zigs two-way glue) and cover the entire chipboard with the glue.
Place the paper over the chipboard and allow it to dry (following the glue manufacturer’s directions).Cut the paper out around the chipboard.Try to follow the chipboard shape as closely as possible, keeping in mind that it’s o.k. to have a bit of overhang over the piece.Certainly you could use scissors or a knife to trim the paper, but I’d suggest using a swivel knife because it allows you to cut around corners with more precision.

Next, use the files to shave the excess paper away.The round, half-round and square files are wonderful for corners, such as the inside of a capital “A” or in the corners of the letter “k”.

To give the piece yet a different look, consider inking the edges.Each file in the Basic Grey Precision File set has a rubber comfort grip. They can also be used for distressing paper, paint and even photos.

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