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How to Pick a Cincinnati Body Shop

The city of Cincinnati has a population of roughly 333,000 , and there are about 1.6 million within the metropolitan area. Being a city of this size, it’s a given that there will be plenty of automobile traffic (particularly during peak traffic hours) and so it’s not really abnormal for there to be car accidents in Cincinnati. At any time there’s no scarcity of vehicle owners searching for a good Cincinnati body shop. to repair their vehicle.

Now how do most locals choose a Cincinnati body shop? Well, since those involved in a Cincinnati automobile accident will be speaking with their insurance representative, usually they’re going to patronize the shop advised by their insurance representative.

And the agent is all too pleased to recommend a auto body repair shop. But although going to a recommended shop may seem like a great convenience to the client, it isn’t really a good idea! Here’s why:

The shop recommended by an insurance company representative is one within the company’s “direct repair program.” The program consists of a agreement between the insurance company and the auto body repair shop. Under the agreement, the body shop must repair the cars of clients sent by the insurer. The insurer must, under the agreement, point their clients to the member shop.

In addition, the repair shop will estimate the expense of car repairs using aftermarket car parts. In addition, it is agreed that the auto body repair shop is liable for repairs, and must indemnify the insurance firm in the case of legal action.

You may well be thinking why it would matter to you if the repair shop utilizes aftermarket auto parts to repair your automobile. “Why should I care?” Well, you are about to discover why, and it might surprise you!

Aftermarket auto parts, also known as replacement crash, salvage, or rebuilt parts, are car auto parts that are made by a company other than the original manufacturer or vendor. They are often produced in Taiwan.

They are much less high-priced than the auto parts produced by the automobile maker (to the delight of your insurer) and using them means you insurance company will not have to pay as much in claims. But unfortunately for you, they are usually inferior to parts built by the manufacturer of your car, or his specified vendor. They are more inclined to fail, resulting in even more repair work being needed, and in a worst case scenario, can mean that the “repaired” auto is dangerous to operate!

Now you might be asking yourself why, if saving the insurer money means low quality auto repairs (for which there could be a liability concern) why would a Cincinnati body shop willingly enter into the insurance company’s direct repair program to begin with? Simple: because they want to stay in business! Because it’s a matter of the survival of their business. What happens if they refuse to sign, is that the insurance agencies will send their customers to other auto body shops.

Suppose you need vehicle repairs and would rather patronize a Cincinnati body shop that does not have an agreement with your insurer. Your insurance company may well play “dirty tricks” to convince you that you made the wrong choice. For instance, they may deliberately postpone sending an adjuster to look at the damage for two or more weeks, or they will refuse to pay for vehicle repairs.

Does this result in a hassle for you? Sure. But it’s worthwhile when the only other choice is to go to their “preferred” shop and have to endure the potential problems.

In summary, if you are needing a body shop, know your legal rights! Don’t follow your agent’s recommendation if the shop he advocates will use aftermarket parts. And when you hear you insurance company representative making statements like “We have experienced trouble with them”, “If you go to our shop we will pay them directly and it will be faster”, or “We can’t give you a rental if you use them” understand the these are not truthful statements, and are intended to steer you to a shop that may do substandard repairs – just so your insurer can save money.

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