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Self Optimising Web Pages

If you need to increase website conversion rates then you ought to start trying out different copy because your copy will have the greatest impact on your overall profits. Powerful, focused writing that positively promotes your products or services clearly and answers all the classic objections will beat badly written, unchecked, unfocused and badly laid out copy.

However the process of copy testing is not quite as easy as it needs to be. And this is an implementation barrier. Ask virtually any online marketer about the value of good copywriting and they’ll tell you it is vital. But few people actually get round to doing it themselves.


Simply because it is quite hard. However, there’s some new technology about now called Darwinian HTML which does copy testing for you automatically. Better than that, it actively reacts to the results of tests in such a way that your website gets better and better at converting as time moves on. The way evolving, or Darwinian HTML, works is via a feedback mechanism. Every time some copy is displayed it either results in a conversion or it doesn’t. If you get a conversion, then the copy that was displayed essentially gets a vote of confidence. Conversely, if copy fails to get a conversion it gets a negative mark.

Over time some copy will clearly outperform other copy and an automatic feed back system ensures that, as data comes in, the most powerful copy gets displayed more frequently which results in your HTML evolving to become fitter as a conversion machine.

The value of increasing web conversion rates is massive and you can actually find a short course about it on the website Personally I think that one of the most intriguing things you can find out there is how small changes in website conversion rates at various stages in the purchase funnel can make a huge difference to the amount of money you make.

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