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Angel Cabada, KR3W and Supra Founder – A History of Supra Shoes

Not long ago it would certainly seem that Supra had just signifigantly erupted onto the shoe scene and almost single-handedly taken the footwear field by storm making a sneakers innovation in the process.

Angel started his first company, known as TSA, with some other skaters who were generally into producing clothes that they could put on when skating. That was 1991 and it lasted for around ten years until Angel determined to leave so he could do his own thing. The company he set up in 2002 was KR3W, his present outfits brand that he deals with along with Supra Skylow under the distribution umbrella for the two projects known very purely and aptly as One Distribution; initially built to cut out the middleman in the European distribution process.

So what did Angel take with him from his TSA experience, well just that…’Experience’. He has identified his first project as his ‘Education’ in the business and I’ve heard other entrepreneurs/founders in street and shoe culture say similar things; like the lead designer and co-founder of Creative Recreation, the various other hot brand in the up market trainer niche, who commented in a latest video interview that his training ground in the trainer industry was as a snowboard boot design technician and later trainer designer for Vans.

After all of his years of learning on the job at Team Santa Ana (TSA) he freely admits he made a million mistakes as a young, creative businessperson attempting to build his first brand. And in fact one thing he insisted he would do when KR3W opened its doors was take all of that experience and apply it properly so he wouldn’t make the same errors all over again.

So where did Angel get the idea for producing the Supra Footwear company? I guess you could say that Cabada wanted to go ‘above and beyond’ (the loose translation of ‘Supra’ from Latin) what already existed in the sneaker marketplace at that time when he came up with both the name and concept behind his new sneaker line. His enthusiasm was to create some kicks that would be a great complement to the KR3W clothing line and he wanted to take the footwear game up a level since in his words most of sneakers were a bit ‘chunky’ for his likes.

Supra footwear has come a long way in a short time from the designs that people initially laughed at to the models that everybody is copying (and copping) these days; hoping to cash in on proven success rather than focus on innovation like Angel, his lead designer Josh and their creative design team have chosen to do. On the eve of the relieve of the Terry Kennedy signature shoe as well as the development of the Supra Skytop and other exciting fresh design ideas in the works, Cabada is more flatter than angry that rivals both small and large are choosing to copy Supra’s signature lines. The Supra Footwear Founder expects the purchaser to have the Skate and Shoe IQ and good sense to know the change between the imitator and the innovator.

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