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Making Expensive One Way Link Building

Before we go any further, what is “link popularity”? In very simplistic terms, link popularity refers to the number and quality of the incoming links that are pointing to your site. The days of link farms and huge link exchange programs are over. it’s not the technique that we are concerned about, it’s the intention.” Which is similar to one way link building. Keep in mind that these strategies aren’t in any particular order.

This is by far the oldest and best-known method of improving link popularity. Now visit those pages and ask the site owners if they will link to you. If they don’t respond to your solicitation, at most send ONE second request. This is also just like educational videos. Piggy back on their high ranking.

Like all SEO, do it manually. But what if it does? What if the search engines check if your site leads back to them? What if they give 1% boost if you do? Would 1% matter if everyone else had 99% relevancy and you got an extra 1%? Hmmm, something to ponder. Make sure the directory is already in Google, has a good PR, and doesn’t use dynamic script in the address. Advertising agencies and printing shops can link to their customers and vice versa.

Paying for a link at Overture. Remember to give your very best to your fellow Webmasters as these relationships are win/win. But what if they don’t have a links program in place? Here’s one way to get yourself linked from these choice sites. Write a testimonial for a product or service that you particularly like in your topic area.

As you do, more and more people will begin linking to your site, as they’re linking to your valuable content. Sometimes this can be similar to one way link building to many people. This is especially good when you can get a high quality site to use your linked story on their site.

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