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A Handy Guide To Selecting Gold Bands

Milgrain wedding ring are an elegant addition to any hand. They look beautiful and enhance the beauty and shape of the hand. That is why gold rings are some of the most popular purchases made by people. You will find a large variety of gold rings in the market. The most commonly sought after rings are engagement rings and wedding rings. Engagement rings are generally gem studded. They may hold one large stone at the center or may have an elaborate setting that looks stunning. On the other hand, wedding rings were plain gold bands in the past. They looked quite sober and were firm testaments of the wearer’s loyalty and faithfulness. But nowadays, you can see a proliferation of delightful styles that have converted the boring band into a circle of delight. You have plain gold bands, in yellow and white, with attractive borders and designs. Then there are two tone gold rings, where white and yellow gold are interspersed to form eye-catching designs. Of course, the plain gold ring is still a huge crowd puller, with many people opting for white or yellow bands.

The other metals alloyed (melted, or mixed) with gold will change the color of the final metal, and this is how the color of yellow gold and white gold are achieved. The ratio of gold to other metals remains the same for yellow and white gold. Should I choose 14K or 18K gold for mens white gold rings? Below are the differences to help make your decision: 1. Scratch Resistance: The ‘other metals’ are harder than gold. So because 14K has a larger percentage of other metals than 18K, the 14K ring will be slightly harder and more scratch resistant than the 18K ring. Therefore, if you lead an active lifestyle, we recommend purchasing 14K gold. If you plan to wear your rings during activities such as gardening, cooking or athletics, the harder 14K ring would be more beneficial. If you work at a computer or take your rings off before any active use, you would be okay to choose an 18K gold ring.

2. Allergic Reactions: Some people are allergic to the metals alloyed with gold. If this is the case, we recommend using Platinum as your milgrain wedding ring, as it is hypo-allergenic. White gold should be your next option as the ring is likely to be plated with Rhodium, a hypo-allergenic metal. If you choose white gold it doesn’t matter if you select 14K or 18K, as both will be plated with Rhodium. Yellow gold should be your last option if you are allergic to the metal alloys, as there is no barrier between the metals and your skin.

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