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Learn to Double Your Penny Stocks

The magic of investing with penny stocks is the possibility to double or even quadruple your investment. The reason this is a possibility is that the value of a penny stock is very low and the behavior of these low dollar penny stocks is volatile.

Where with a normal stock a two or three dollar change is not much of a fluctuation (that can be less than a 5 percent change), with a penny stock that can be a massive 200 to 400 percent change. Of course, that means it can be a massive loss, too.

Will you make money online and get rich trading penny stocks? Sure. But can you get rich quick? In short, no. Don’t fool yourself here. The Doubling Stocks newsletter will provide you the stock tips you need to begin mastering day trading penny stocks, but it requires you follow through and accept some risk. Some people believe this newsletter is a doubling stocks scam, but the real problem is that people need to do their own due diligence no matter what a professional penny stock newsletter suggests.

In my first few months with the program, despite few home runs, more than 3 out of every 4 picks made me money. But that means one in four picks didn’t succeed. This is simply the nature of penny stocks and no matter how many quality stock picks you’re provided, you will have to steel yourself for an occasional risk. I do strongly suggest you stick with it for a few weeks. I suggest you monitor the first few picks without acting on them while doing your own due diligence.

Then as you get comfortable with how and why the picks are made and exited, start engaging the picks that both come from the newsletter and fulfill your own research. Start small and slowly build.

The good news is that we are trading with penny stocks. You won’t be trading hundreds of shares of Google or Chevron. When you start, you can easily limit your risk to pennies. Even if you’re completely new to investing and have very little money to start, Doubling Stocks starts you slow, then you can reinvest what you’ve made until you’re making some serious profit through day trading penny stocks.

So consider a good newsletter to help provide you a base from which to work, then start slow. I hope this helps!

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