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Payday Loans Questions And Answers

You may have some questions about what payday loans are and if they are the right thing for you. The following will answer three questions to give you a basic understanding of the principles of payday loans. First we will answer the basic question about what a payday loan is, then we will look at the actual cost of an average loan, and finally we will consider the actual term of the loan. Once you have read over the answers to the frequently asked questions, you will have a good understanding about payday loans.

Q. What is a payday loan?

A. A payday loan is a loan in the amount of usually $500 to $1000 for a short term. The idea is to help somebody cover an emergency or sudden unexpected bill until he gets paid if the person did not have a savings account. The loan is an unsecured loan, meaning there is no collateral and usually does not involve a credit check, which makes it a pretty risky loan for the person making the loan. There is a niche for this type of loan since a bank would not make this type of loan. Since a payday loan is risky there are some higher costs associated to it, which we will explore in the next question.

Q. How much will a loan cost me?

A. A typical payday loan of $500 will cost approximately $87.50 in fees and interest for a 14-day loan.  (This is based on advertised rates on the Internet for a loan to an Arizona resident.)  These fees and the interest translate to an annual interest rate of 456.25%. The interest rate is quite high, but for a person who needs money right away and would be turned down at a bank, it may just make sense to take the loan. Now let’s look at options as far as the available terms of the loans.

Q. How long before I have to pay it back?

A. Payday loans are generally arranged to be repaid on your next payday. They can be extended or split into two payments depending on the company making the loan.  If you are extending the loan, several companies charge a refinancing charge or fee. Payments are automatically withdrawn from the account into which the company deposited the funds.

We have explored how a payday loan is a source of emergency financing to cover an emergency or sudden unexpected bill to help a person make it through until her next payday. The loans are not a cheap source of money due to the risk for the company making the loan, but depending on a person’s personal situation she may not have a choice. Most payday loans are written to be automatically withdrawn from the same account where the funds were deposited on the next payday or are split into two paydays.  In conclusion, weekend payday loans fill a void and help people get out of temporary difficult financial situations.

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