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Contract Office Cleaning Making Sure You Hire The Right Cleaning Service Provider

It is not that difficult to find a contract office cleaning company for your premises but finding the right one takes a little more skill and patience. Do you really know what to look for in a cleaning company? It is not always that straight forward. Do you already have a good checklist of questions to ask when you contact the cleaning company?

Here are a few topics to think about that will help you answer these questions.

Do they understand what it is that you need? Before any office cleaning service agreement is reached, a manager from the office cleaning service should come to your company offices and discover your specific needs. The representative should be able to translate your needs into specific instructions for the cleaners.

How flexible are they to changes within the contract? There will be times when you move people or departments around the building. Will the cleaners adapt?

What about feedback? This is not simply signing a weekly/monthly survey form you need to be able to see what effect your feedback has on the cleaning methods and standards.

Quality control inspections.

Quality control is important especially at the beginning of your contract.  You should be sure that the local manager is going to be visiting regularly at the beginning to check on office cleaning standards and ensure that the cleaners standards exceed your own. There should of course also be random checks by cleaning managers throughout the length of the contract. Cleaners should NOT know in advance when these visits are taking place or they may drop standards immediately after one inspection only to pick up again when they know an inspection is due.

Finally do they do have systems in place that will assure you that you will be able to get access to senior managers direct in order to sort out any issues that may come up during the cleaning contract. It is also important to understand how your calls are going to be handled and that you will be confident that your issue will be dealt with promptly and professionally at all times.

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