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What Is necessary to Create a Home Theater?

Presently it seems that more people then in the past have an interest in acquiring the best home theater system possible in their house or apartment. So one of the most commonly asked questions is “what exactly is required to have a home theater?

Even the standard home theater comprises 3 fundamental components. Ranked in normal order of significance, you may say that any person wanting to experience the minimal home theater experience will have to employ a good sized video display, a digital surround sound system and a DVD player. Of course the best home theater system for any individual depends upon their specific needs, available space and budget.

Your DVD player will be your video source so taking into account today’s products, it might be foolish not to purchase a quality Blu-ray dvd player. Almost all people will go with a HD capable tv at the very least, so selecting a Blu-ray player means you will get access to all of the hottest movie releases. Depending upon your budget, one might consider one of many new DVD players perfect for playing 3D Blu-ray Discs in 1080p if you have a 3D-ready HDTV in your sights. At the time of this writing, the Samsung BD-C6900, Sony BDP-S570, Sony BDP-BX57, Panasonic DMP-BDT350, LG BX580, and Samsung BD-C5900 3-D Blu-ray disc players are generally among the most popular. If you choose more affordable models, just make sure your selected component has progressive scan capability and has a component video output. Actually for anyone on a limited spending budget, an entire home theater in-a-box could possibly be the way to go.

In the past whenever you talked about a complete home theater in-a-box, one naturally thought of cheap worthless junk. Today that is not very true. A few high-end theater in-a-box systems include the Yamaha YHT-591BL, LG LHB953, Yamaha YHT-390BL, LG LHB977, and the Onkyo HT-S5200 7.1 system. I’ve noted some excellent deals on a home theater 7.1 systems. Purchasing a home theater in-a-box allows a fairly easy purchase and all the purchaser has to add is a HDTV.

The next part of any home theater system is a Digital Surround Sound System or the home theater speaker systems. If you buy a component Blu-ray dvd play, you need a high quality sound system composed of satellite speakers and a receiver. The basic surround sound system will be a 5.1 system meaning it features a center stage speaker, four satellite speakers and a subwoofer. If space allows, a 7.1 surround sound system adds another two satellite speakers for even a more theater-like experience. When looking for a receiver, remember you can get lost in the various options such as 5.1, 6.1, 7.1, video switching, HD plus more. If you are not willing to do a little research at this point, it might be a good move to consider those high-end theater in-a-box packages mentioned earlier. In case you are determined to go the component option, you can find excellent video receivers such as the Sony STR-DN1000 7.1, Sony STR-DG520 5.1, Sony STR-DH510 5.1, Pioneer VSX-1020-K, and the Pioneer VSX-920-k.

The final, but key to any home theater will likely be your video display. If you are on a tight budget, you’ll find some outstanding buys in regular 32″ TVs. Of course consider the weight of that size TV before you accept anything but a thin flatscreen. The best option of course will likely be a LCD or plasma TV in the 46″ to 50″ range for family viewing. In recent times these have also come down noticeably in price. Several popular and affordable models are the Samsung LN40C630, Samsung LN46C630, LG 32LD450, VIZIO VA370M, LG 42LH40, Panasonic TC-P42S2, Sharp AQUOS LC32LE700UN, and Sony Bravia S-Series KDL-40S5100. When shopping for a flat screen TV, consider how you will use the TV. These days they come with all kinds of things from online connections and wireless access to home networks. But you should search for a model providing 1080p and 120Hz refresh rate if you view a lot of action sports. Of course you may truly go to the high end and look at the new 3-D TVs on the market also. You’ll find some good offers on the Samsung UN55C7000 and Samsung UN55C8000 if you buy their 3-D DVD player at that time. As well as the the flat screens, some home theater builders will go with a video projector or a rear-projection TV. Needless to say the video projectors call for the largest amount of room as well as the extra cost and installation of a screen.

Considering your alternatives in home theater systems, you are going to discover that you’ll be able to have some degree of movie theater experience no matter your available space and budget.

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