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Propose To your Girlfriend with Enchanting 1 Carat Diamond Solitaire Rings

When most people think of an engagement ring, what they are actually thinking of is usually called a diamond solitaire ring. These solitaire diamond rings are simplistic in design: a thin and simple band with a mounted diamond is a solitaire ring’s signature. They are just simplistic enough to be eloquent in their own way and still convey the feeling that is meant to be behind an engagement ring.While a traditional diamond solitaire ring will be made of gold, many diamond solitaire engagement rings are being made of more metals than just gold these days. While gold is the “golden standard”, the options that are readily available today will fit any woman’s tastes and can work with a huge range of budgets.The material that you often find any style of engagement ring in is white gold. White gold is a step above yellow gold and eyes of many because of its unique coloration, which is much like a very bright silver. However, unlike silver this type of gold does not tarnish and remains pristine throughout the years. White gold is much more expensive to find a diamond solitaire ring in, but it makes a great engagement ring for any woman, so do these emerald cut diamond solitaire rings.

Another metal that many rings that are made of these days is platinum. Platinum is a tougher material than those gold and white gold, making it more expensive than both.It has unique sheen that surpasses even white gold, which makes it perfect for engagement rings — or even rings for other special sentiments as well.Titanium is also another attractive metal that is becoming popular for engagement rings. This is because of the fact that is extremely durable, even in comparison to gold, white gold, and platinum. A titanium ring with a diamond solitaire is likely to last much longer than even those three, which is quite amazing considering that all three of those metals last for decades and even centuries.

Diamond solitaire engagement rings are the most popular type of engagement rings; however, there are various shapes of diamonds that make excellent solitaire rings. While the round diamond is the most popular shape when it comes to solitaire diamond rings, there are many more shapes that you may want to consider. Many men do not realize when they go shopping for diamond engagement rings that there will be so many decisions to make regarding the ring. For the most part, most people are looking for a beautiful ring that sparkles and fits within their budget. However, deciding which shape of a diamond ring to buy is usually the first decision that should be made.

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