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Your Future is Bright with Legendary You

Network marketing companies are rapidly gaining popularity nowadays, simply because of the way cash flows in. This newly established Legendary You, is currently sweeping the world as it popularity rises quickly. Although it is new, Legendary You is legal and pays their members through their Hybrid Binary Comp Plan that includes three commission bonuses:

The Fast Start Bonus is a bonus wherein you will receive a payment when you recruit new members. You will receive 25% of the monthly fee of that member and this is applicable for the first eight weeks of his/her joining. When that member recruits new members, you will get 15% from the monthly fee he/she will pay. When that recruited member recruits another new member, you will get 10% from his/her monthly fees. Imagine if you can bring in five or more members and each one, for example gets two new members and then the bottom recruits at least one member and the fee is $20, you will get about $65!

Another one is the Binary Bonus. For every volume generated by your downline, you will get 15% commission and you can earn as high as $60,000 per month! Since this is a multi level network marketing company, you must first attain a level. Star is the first level while diamond is the highest level. The level is as follows beginning from the lowest: Star, Star II, Star III, Bronze, Silver, Ruby, Gold, Emerald, and Diamond. You will only achieve this level if you are active in Legendary You as well as active in sponsoring new members.

The last is the Check Match Bonus. If your level is Silver CEO or above, you can earn this bonus that is based on the volume generated from the first up to fifth generation of recruitment. You can earn up to $5,000 per downline person in a week.

With this way of compensating their members, rest assured that you are in good hands. You future is bright. You will earn by just joining their online dating service or online community. Remember that this is a business, and your investment will give you great returns if you just keep on being active and keeping your network active as well.

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