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The exceptional style of your princess cut diamond will sparkle with loveliness forever

You are excited about picking out your princess cut engagement diamond. Why choose the princess cut engagement over a traditional round cut? It is different, you love square or rectangular cuts or you fall in love with one that you see at the jewelers.

The princess cut diamond carat are the best cut for brilliance in a square shape cut. The setting must protect all four corners of this diamond. The corners may be cropped to keep them from chipping. It is still important to protect the corners.

A princess cut hides any tiny flaws better. The emerald cut and the Asscher cut do not. You will get more bling for your buck when you select the princess cut diamond engagement ring. It may be the most important piece of jewelry you ever purchase. You will not want the cheapest diamond, you will want the prettiest. It should have a good cut, color, clarity and simply please your eye. It is this cut that is trendy right now. That is not a good reason to buy, but if you love it anyways, it is a bonus feature.

The weight of all diamonds is measured by carat. A 50-point stone is a half-carat diamond. More carats means larger in looks and cost. However, if the larger diamond is not well cut, that decreases the value. In general, the clear diamond is worth more than one that has some color to it. There is an exception to that rule though. A fancy color such as pink or blue is more costly than a colorless diamond.

All diamonds have minor flaws. This does affect the quality when it comes to price or insured value. It is true though, that most of these tiny imperfections can only be seen through a jeweler s magnifying glass. The quality of your diamond (engagement ring princess cut) can be certified. This is an independent evaluation. A trained gemologist is paid to analyze each stone and report on its fine and not so fine details. This is not a free service and you may want to consider it or rely on what your eye perceives to choose your engagement diamond.

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