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Two of the products Yoli will be launching are “Truth” and “Fun”!

Yoli Blast Cap Beverages out of Salt Lake City, Utah is a new health and wellness company that is getting to ready to launch in a couple of months. It’s pride and joy is its patented Blast Cap tops; it holds the secret to the winning formula behind Yoli and its wide range of products. Yoli founded by former successful distributors of a well-known health and wellness company, is set to be the company by distributors for distributors. Says, Ms. Malone, a home business consultant, “a lot of problems people have had with network marketing companies is that they feel the company is out of touch with its distributors. Yoli’s founders having been distributors themselves are more in-tuned with distributors and their needs – even right down to the compensation plan.”

Two of the products Yoli will be launching are “Truth” and “Fun.” One is an energy drink and the other is a nutritional drink. Forthcoming are baby bottles and baby formula in addition to other liquid nutritional supplements. With its price point lower than what’s typically found in network marketing products, Yoli’s products are set to appeal to a wide array of buyers outside of the network marketing industry. “A ‘sticky’ point for a lot of people in network marketing has been the cost of its products. Yoli solves that problem by making its products comparable and competitive with the products normal consumers buy on regular store shelves”, Malone goes on to say. Yoli is set to launch in September, but is now taking applications before it opens to the general public.

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