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Add Muscle Building Foods to Your Diet and See Results

There are foods that are considered muscle building foods. I don’t think you can really construct a top 10 list of these foods. You can’t necessarily rank them. What I would rather do is list good quality sources of foods and when to eat these foods. It isn’t simply just the food you eat that adds to building muscle, it is when you eat those foods as well. Also, building muscle isn’t just about getting high quality protein sources, carbs and fats play into the muscle building equation as well.

Check out your own kitchen pantry and fridge for these muscle building foods

First, there’s yogurt. This easily digestible dairy source is full of protein. It has the healthy cultures to promote proper amounts of certain necessary bacteria in your system to help digest all your daily intake. If I were making a must-have list of muscle building foods, this would definitely be on my list. I like to eat it with fruit in the morning or before bed if I am having strong food cravings. Love ice cream? Yogurt has that same cool temperature and smooth texture.

Eggs: You simply cannot beat eggs for protein. They have more digestible protein than any other natural protein source. A muscle building foods list couldn’t be complete without eggs. Scramble them up for a very quick, easy breakfast PACKED with protein. Simply crack 4-6 eggs in a bowl and mix them up. Add veggies and possibly some onions or salsa and you are set to go. Eggs are packed with protein and not much fat at all. They’re a great building block for the rest of your diet. The body needs some fat to make foods absorb more gradually, thereby eliminating drastic blood glucose elevations.

Chicken is the another of the great muscle building foods. Lean beef steak or other meats can be substituted occasionally, but chicken breast wins in this section. The reason chicken breasts are such a handy food to have on hand is that you can make a huge variety of dishes with chicken breasts. One of my favorite things to make is chicken fajitas. This mexican dish is almost a perfect muscle building meal.

Rich carbs from such sources as yams, rice, oatmeal, and potatoes are also included. The thing about carbs is that they possess what we call a protein sparring effect. Rather than chewing up your protein sources, which you need for building muscle, your body will eat up the carbs you take in. The problem with burning protein is that it is an expensive energy source compared to simple carbs. Carbs are especially crucial for naturally skinny hard gainers. I regularly remind the skinny guys to UP THE CARBS significantly if they truly wish to put on some solid, lean muscle mass.

Here’s a GREAT rule to follow. Consume NO fat immediately following your workout, but DO eat simple carbohydrates.

Basically, post-workout is the time for carbs that break down quickly. Avoid anything containing fat in the food or drink you ingest right after training. Fat hinders your body’s ability to soak up nutrients right after you train. Post-training meals are crucial for your success at muscle building.

Add Fat to All Other Meals or Snacks

Fat slows absorption which is bad right after training, but ideal the rest of the time. The problem with eating fat-free meals is that your body tends to absorb those meals at a faster rate than your body can use them. So then your blood sugar rises and drops. This isn’t good for your dieting efforts overall. But if you throw in a bit of fat with your meal, your body will stay steady. You will also get more out of the food you eat since it will absorb at a slow and steady rate.

Summary: Obviously there are a lot more muscle building foods than what I mentioned here, but this is a great start.

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