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Does Your International Business Consultant Provide Negotiation Workshops?

Market access? Larger contracts? New clients? Public Relations? A smoother working environment? Less infighting? International markets? Preferential treatment? How will you further your interests? These are all difficult questions to answer.

A Negotiating Workshop can help. A highly interactive seminar, customized to your specific needs, can design and deliver solutions to your problems. Find a company that will work with your staff to insure your requirements are being met, and create a workshop (time, venue, content) to meet your needs. All attendees should actively participate. Participation in this seminar facilitates team building, discovers alternative ways to resolve conflict, and is fun! Typical issues addressed…

Do’s and Don’ts of bargaining. How do you deal with difficult people? What can and can’t be controlled in a business negotiation? How do you protect yourself? Common mistakes and ways to get around them.

You need to find a professional negotiator who approaches the issues involved in from a hands-on standpoint. Many other programs on the field of negotiation are extremely academic, focusing on planning and textbook theories. Find someone who comes at the field from a perspective of a marketer, dealmaker, manager and entrepreneur. A top international marketing consultant enables members to take his techniques and implement them within their organizations to see immediate results. He will also help members spend their time most effectively in pursuing business growth.

Partners International solutions include: consulting, partnership creation, business and concept evaluation, strategic planning, professional negotiation, speaking and training.

Partners International can help you domestically and internationally. Our insight and execution can help you prosper, in your market such as Denver public relations and abroad.

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