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Finding Affordable Omaha Homes Near Offutt Air Force Base

Omaha’s nearness to Offutt makes it a obvious place for military families to put down roots. As US Air Force personnel redeploy from their assignments all over the globe, they’ll have to make a lot of decisions abouut where to relocate their families for the long term. They definitely need to consider the Omaha area.

The people of Omaha do a nice job of blending city life with a relaxed rural lifestyle. There’s a hometown feeling among the people who live in Omaha, probably because of its roots in the farm culture. The corn fields are not so distant that the people have forgotten their roots (or their manners).

With rural lifestyles so close at hand, one is never too far from the joys of spending time outdoors with the family. It is quite a short drive (in fact, a short walk, depending on where you call your home) to the grand Missouri River, where you’ll find three seasons (at least) worth of fun. Playing on the river is a popular pastime, especially for those of us who like to go fishing for some bass every so often. But water sports are also a big hit on the river, and you’ll find water skiers out all summer long.

If you’re stationed at Offutt, you probably already know that Bellevue is the home of the base. But there are many tracts in town that are close to Offutt, and they are good choices for school districts as well as homes.

If you’re looking for Omaha real estate, it’s a good idea to check out Bellevue homes as well, of course. But also take a look at Papillion-La Vista, a community on the southeast side of Omaha. You can find a list of some of the more popular Omaha neighborhoods here.

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