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Improve profits while reducing promoting costs by 80%!

Did you know that it costs 500% more to obtain a new customer than it does to retain an existing 1?


So with that getting said, how much attention and focus does YOUR small business spend on retaining Present customers?

Or are you one of the a lot of businesses that focuses all their marketing dollars and energy on chasing down new leads and new clients?

Are you able to say exactly what percentage of your promoting budget is focused on retaining current buyers?

Do you recognize when your current clients stop purchasing from you and begin going elsewhere?

Do you notice that they haven’t been to your enterprise in a certain amount of time?


Then you won’t be surprised to know that, according to a recent study, over 68% of users will take their company elsewhere simply because they didn’t feel that there involvement with a company was being valued.


So not only are you investing 5 TIMES additional cash, attracting new users, but you’re spending 5 TIMES much more dollars to REPLACE the customers, you already had, which are now LEAVING…to do business with your competition!

Can you see why some businesses feel like they are burning via money, while others are seeing insane amounts of profits, even in a poor economy?

If you don’t already have a system or strategy, in place, that focuses on retaining your present users, and showing them you value their small business, then it really is time you created one.

Otherwise be prepared to maintain investing additional and extra funds, to TRY and retain up with your competition that is attracting YOUR clients.

Do not be a organization that focuses purely on the “first” sale, but recognize you might be sitting on a GOLD MINE of repeat business from a targeted base of previous buyers!

Remember: The fortune is inside the follow up!

You’ve spent all that funds getting your users inside the first place, now it’s time to maximize your ROI on that expense, and get as several repeat sales as you can from satisfied customers.

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