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Hummers And The Future Of SUV’s

Leaving behind the business and political wrangling around the collapse of Hummer production by General Motors what exactly will the decline of the Hummer product and reputation signify with regards to the potential of four wheel drive utility vehicles and SUV’s?  It’s a sector that has dedicated followings for the cars or trucks by fanatical proponents of not merely the make but additionally of particular Marques or versions, with the Hummer you will see people who really like the Hummer H1 a lot more than all the other designs and can fervently state the superiority of their particular version.  For many SUV enthusiasts the Hummer represents the absolute peak of all terrain vehicles, despite probably a more substantial following for vehicles such as Land Rovers there nonetheless exists a full community promoting the GM great.

Precisely why the Collapse of the Hummer

For the most part most people will know the Hummer was based on the armed service Humvee off road truck, the pure size and weight of the vehicle ensured that fuel use could not be a problem which raised concern.  Now with gasoline rates at an all time high the world over along with the average Hummer Gas Usage at way less than 15 miles per gallon and as low as six with the average owner obtaining 10 to 12 miles per gallon it has turned in to an actual worry for civilian owners.  Even without thinking about the costs of fuel consumption you have the ecological result associated with operating this type of truck that impacted sales in a negative way.  With the eco-friendly movement gathering speed around the globe the justification for driving a six ton vehicle about the area gets to be increasingly tough for even the least ecologically responsible of motorists, this has lead most of the prospective customers of Hummers to take a look elsewhere for his or her four x 4 thrills.

Additional issues with Hummers that has been a concern is the sheer size of them, searching for a car bay wide enough in many places is difficult and the fact that they weigh around six tons means they are officially illegal to use on a lot of highways.  In the last several years possessing a Hummer has become symbolic of self-centeredness as well as greed and cultural irresponsibility resulting in numerous drivers being attacked simply for driving a real gas guzzling monster, with at least a few violent incidents.

What of the Future of Hummers

At the time of writing it is not likely that a customer will be identified for the make, nevertheless this will likely merely serve to fuel the used marketplace,with the lack of brand-new output vehicles fuelling the wish to own a pre-owned one.  In common with several marketplaces, vehicles can be more precious when a component of rarity is created and with the trend for more compact and hybrid cars moving forward discovering a Hummer on our streets will become increasingly more remarkable.  The marketplace for Hummer Limousines will fuel this further as the more Pink Hummers used in this manner will increase the rarity and the desire to own an authentic classic.  Despite the fact that there are many better and more obtainable Sport utility vechicles available easily the Hummer has a really huge following that it won’t disappear from our streets anytime soon.

Should I Buy A Hummer?

If you are asking that question, the reply is probably no, go buy a Land Rover as an alternative, far better fuel intake, better performance as well as better all terrain abilities and affordability.  However if you are an admirer of the vehicle and can accept the environmental uncertainties of the car or truck then you will buy the Hummer regardless of its deficiencies because as that old saying goes ‘love conquers all’.  The Hummer will now and in the future stay an enigma and very much adored and disliked in apparently equal amounts.

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