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Form 1040 Income Tax Estimator for 2009, 2010

There are many factors to take into consideration when estimating your taxes for the tax year. Most of us see various changes throughout the year that can affect our tax returns.

If you are a tax filer that usually uses the Form 1040 then you may need to reconsider which form is right for you this year if you have had any major tax changes.

Here are a few examples:


  • A New Job
  • Bought or Sold a House
  • Getting Married
  • A New Baby
  • Retiring

    When you experience any of these transitions in your life it can dramatically change your tax return. If you are interested in seeing what kind of effect these changes could have on your return I would recommend using an online estimator/calculator. This tool gives you the answers to the questions you have.

    For example; TurboTax Online has an estimator that will calculate all of the life changing events that may have incurred over the last year. This will prepare you for the end result of completing your tax return before you file it.

    By entering some basic information into the estimator/calculator (which also takes into account any life changing events) you will get an immediate estimation of your tax refund or money owed. You will then be prepared for your tax liability due, or how much of a refund you might expect.

    TurboTax Online also has live tech support available 24/7. Tax experts will answer any questions you may have if you call on them, free of charge. There is also a 100% guarantee on your return and it will be double-checked for errors before being submitted to the IRS, which also reduces your risk of an audit. Their service is safe and secure.

    To estimate your taxes visit TurboTax Online today. Be prepared for tax season this year!

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