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Losing My Mind With Choosing A Photographer…

I know I should have determined all of this earlier, but did I make a mistake or what? Everyone told me that choosing someone to take pictures of the wedding wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

I guess I didn’t think that it was that big of a deal in choosing a wedding photographer. How hard could it be? I mean, I just need someone with a good camera that knows where to point it.

Or so I thought. I finally sat down and started looking at websites. There are a lot of choices out there! How do I know if anyone is any good? How to finally make a decision? Who can I count on to actually show up for the event?

Thankfully, after dealing with a bunch of flakes and people that just didn’t seem to understand that I wasn’t trying to be artsy or over the top. I just want good quality pictures from a a Houston Wedding Photographer.

I want pictures that aren’t all posed. I want to look back on this event years from now and just be crying and laughing from all the great wedding photography. Who wouldn’t?

I’m sad that I waited so long, but happy with my choice. My guy is good at capturing the actual event in such a high quality way – I can’t wait to see the pictures and see how it all turned out.

I figure the entire day is just going to be one big blur anyway. Glad to know that I won’t miss a thing.

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