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Baby boomer generation is retiring, traveling and moving overseas

The baby boomer generation is not only the most numerous of any generations before, they are also highly educated and craving to experience life to the fullest. They have travelled far more than any other generation before them, and also have the money to go.

The baby boomers are no longer only retiring and buying houses in Costa Rica or Mexico. They seek Panama real estate. They travel to South America, to Ecuador and Argentina in search of real estate to buy. They even tour Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and other exotic countries with hopes of finding their dream place.

Their itchy feet is not only a result of education but is also induced by the current economic and political dilemma and divisions we face as a nation.

It was only in the 70s that we manufactured and exported more goods than any other country in the world. We were also a nation of wealth with unlimited funds to loan, the world’s largest creditor.

Today manufacturing sector in this country is down to a fraction of what it once was, and we own more to the Chinese than we care to acknowledge in terms of real consequences that may take effect years from now. Investors from all over the world, Arabs above all, have bought into ownership of our legendary companies so much that it’s painful to admit. We are a nation of debtors!

The run-away deficit, unemployment, foreclosures, statistics that one out of four high school students drops out and never graduates and great deal of the rest are only marginally literate at best, and the realization that America today stands as divided than ever before contribute to the boomers’  keen desire to move out and reinvent themselves overseas.

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