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Is It A Little Stuffy In Here?

So lately I’ve really been contemplating our atmosphere and how incredibly vital it is to think about our bodies and take the penultimate care of them. This planet that we earthlings call home is sustainable only due to the fact that oxygen is present in the atmosphere at about a 20% concentration.

According to scientific studies and journals, the human body would run much more efficiently if the atmosphere was majority, if not entirely oxygen. According to them, our bodies would be able to heal 75% faster, live longer, and be much more supple and enduring throughout time.

All of this mumbo jumbo to communicate the fact that what we breathe makes a large difference to our mental and physical state of being. I write all of this because as I became more and more cognizant of this reality, I found myself compelled to purchase the aprilaire 600.. Making this simple purchase has been one of the most incredible and phenomenal changes that I’ve made in both my familiy’s and my living environment.

Undoubtedly, acquiring this engineering masterpiece ranks among the top consumption actions my wife and I have made. Ever since I have acquired this beauty, she has been faithfully chugging along, circulating the air in my house and providing us with fresh, breathable oxygen.

If I could be perfectly frank, this wasn’t the easiest shopping decision that I’ve made in a while. Although I had great respect for the Aprilaire brand, there are so many great models that simply choosing one can be a great dilemma.

I decided on the 600 even though I was initially leaning towards the excellently constructed aprilaire 2200 filter. But even though the 2200 caught my eye in the beginning, I think we made the right decision in going with the other one.

What I’ve learned is how important getting an air cleansing infrastructure in place can really be. In the past, I used to deplore and despire having to wake up to my work-at-home job, listening to my children yip and yap away in my swelteing home office. But recently, I’ve noticed that the cleaner air has had a calming and therapeutic effect on my family as a whole, contributing to an increase in our collective sanity.

It’s actually been so amazing that we’ve even been discussing returning to where we bought it and getting some aprilaire filter. Really, I just cannot get enough of breathing this fresh, clean, sanity-inducing oxygen.

In short, we’re very pleased because ultimately the world is a very dirty place, especially considering all the bacteria and diseases that are floating all around you in the air.

So it’s very important that you get a system in place to ensure the best possible air quality for you and your family. Let’s just say that if I were in your shoes, I would cruise down to my local store and grab one of these efficient babies! Start on the path towards a healthier, happier, more content family and change your atmosphere and change your life. What are you waiting for?


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