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Why It’s Important to Recycle Your Ink Jet Containers

I was visiting my mom’s house the other day and she wondered if I could remove the HP 78 color inkjet cartridge on her computer printer. Of course, I obliged. My mom is 82 and doesn’t have much computer savvy. But as I was about to leave , she was just going to put the old inkjet cartridge into the garbage . “Let me take it and recycle it,” I told her. ” I didn’t know you could do that!” was her reply.

Unfortunately, my mother’s attitude is just like most people’s attitude. Modern society sees everything as disposable . Recycling works as long as it doesn’t take too much time. If the garbage company provides a big bin to store your recycling in , most people will comply. If you have to take it in somewhere or mail it somewhere, that’s not so easy. Recycling needs to be made easy for the consumer .

Now my companies always buy refurbished HP deskjet cartridges off the internet.

Practically every home in America now owns a minimum of  one ink-based printer and often have multiple printers or copiers . Ink cartridges are consumables that can be used up in a few months for home use, and much more quickly in a business . Do you know what happens when we throw all those old ink jet cartidges and unused toner away? It gets deposited in our landfills.

Many people do not recycle their inkjet cartridges because it seems like a time consuming process or they don’t know where to take them . Many OEM cartridges now come with a self-paid mailing envelope that you can place the spent ink jet cartridge in and return it at zero cost to you. That’s an easy way to go , but there is  something you need to be aware of . A betterway is to help a local non-profit by supporting their fundraising efforts. Make a few calls and find out if they collect ink or toner cartridges for fundraising. If not, give them a heads up . Donating your old cartrdiges helps a community group and also makes sure that the containers will in fact be refurbished , and not just destroyed.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind . Many of the big manufacturers offer something that appears to be a recycling program, but make certain you determine what they do  to the used cartridges before you participate. Many of the well known print cartridge makers like Lexmark and HP destroy the cartridges. They do this to prevent them from getting refilled so that you have to buy their OEM cartridges . So know what happens to the cartridges first.

The cost savings between OEM and refilled ink cartridges is   enormous . My mom’s inkjet printer took the HP78 tri-color cartridge. I could have ordered a brand new OEM cartridge for around forty bucks . Instead I bought a HP 78 recycled cartridge for around 20 dollars . I saved money, a charity earned some money and I did my little part to help save the environment. A local business uses a Xerox Workcentre printer that has solid ink that is very expensive. By buying a reconditioned brand, we buy the workcentre solid ink   for about 67% off each order. It’s an easy way to save more than $25 per month in ink costs alone .

Why don’t you do the same. You can get refilled   ink cartridges for nearly every style of printer. Be green. Buy compatible printer cartridges.

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