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An Elegant, Current 8mm Wedding Ring is the Choice of Today’s Men!

Tungsten band ring styles for today’s wedding are hip, new, and have features you probably have never seen your lifetime!

Much of the popularity of tungsten rings wedding is due to two characteristics.

First, the black tungsten wedding ring is about four times stronger than titanium–another hard space age metal.

Also, tungsten carbide takes a beautiful shine that never tarnishes or dulls as can happen with gold or silver wedding bands. If you are looking for a wedding band that will truly last a lifetime, tungsten carbide makes an excellent choice.

After all, a wedding band is supposed to symbolize permanence in the relationship. What better way to do so than by using a metal that is stronger than time?

Tungsten carbide is considered as the hardest metal ever used in making jewelry. As a matter of fact, it is four to five times greater than titanium in terms of hardness, & nearly ten times greater than 18K gold.

It is resistant to the normal wear and tear that wedding bands suffer from. Fifty years into your marriage, you can be certain that the carbide band will look just as good as it did on the day you put it on your finger.

The hardness of tungsten is one of the toughest to top. Industrial tools can be formed of tungsten carbide and will outlast stainless steel tools.

The hardness of the metal is what helps to make tungsten carbide wedding bands impervious to skin oils, perspiration and even chemicals in such things as cleaning products. Thus, if you don’t want to regret later, you have to get this very important information from the seller or jeweler.

Tungsten carbide does not react with oxygen so it never becomes dull or tarnished in appearance. Your wedding band of tungsten carbide will always look very shiny.

Tungsten carbide wedding bands are available in many different styles. It is quite common to find plain black wedding bands that are embellished with gemstone or small diamond.

Whichever way, back tungsten wedding rings are certainly a must for any couple deciding to get married. Tungsten carbide rings may be plated with gold in order to provide the contrast in metal colors for added interest.

You will never need to have a scratch repaired. You won’t need to replace a ring that has become so worn as to be in danger of bending or breaking. Tungsten carbide wedding bands are quite reasonable in cost, especially when you look at the long term benefits.

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