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The reason I Opted for a 8mm tungsten ring design for my wedding ring

So, why did my wife and I pick out 8mm tungsten ring styles for my wedding ring? Well, it is actually kind of a humorous tale that led us to contemplating men’s tungsten wedding bands in the beginning.

It’s important to consider during this tale that the_ black tungsten carbide ring is known for, among other things, being very sturdy and economical.

One evening close to 4 weeks ago my wife Judy and i were sitting in the_ cooking area chatting when we received a call from a neighbor 2 doors to the east and he needed to know if we had a metal detector. It turns out that the neighbor had just washed his hands & went outside to play with a ball with their dog. On the_ first throw his Tungsten Wedding Ring flew from his ring finger and into the backyard (and maybe over the fence).

Our son and little girl were down playing with the neighbor’s youngsters when all of this took place. Our little princess mentioned to the neighbor that grandma and grandpa have a metal detector. Crazy thing is it was true. My folks still had the old Radio Shack metal detector that my brother had when we were little. We told the neighbor what it was & that is was so old it possibly didn’t work. WRONG! Our little girl was quick to correct us . Apparently, she & her brother had just been playing with it with grandpa the_ week before.

Fast forward a couple of days. We borrowed the metal detector from my mother and father & let the neighbor go to town looking for it. He spent three hours in the heat & humidity of a hot August day in Missouri. Unfortunately, no such luck. I’m not sure he found anything metal in that backyard.

That prompted my wife & I to try & find out if Tungsten Bands would actually be detectable by a metal detector to start with. After searching and searching i never really found a solid answer to our question. (Please leave a comment to this article if you ask the answer).

However, during our search i started looking at these cool looking Tungsten Rings. The_ more my wife and i looked for information on the metal detector question the_ more my wife and i started thinking what great looking rings they were. I just so happened that my wife and i had previously been discussing replacing our own gold wedding rings due to how poorly they had held up over the years.

We’ve learned a ton of info just about Tungsten Wedding Rings. Did you find out that the_ optimum ones aren’t just made of Tungsten? For the most resilient Tungsten ring you really need to make sure its made of Tungsten Carbide. This alloy ensures extreme hardness – 8.5 -9 on the Mohs hardness scale (Diamonds are a 10). It also makes these rings very resistant to scratching.

This incredible durability makes Tungsten rings especially suited for every day wear and tear. Whether you working in the office and maybe out in the_ garage rebuilding an engine you’d be hard pressed to mess these rings up. They’ll hold their shine & luster for nearly forever.

One of the questions that kept coming up as my wife and i did research was related to the_ ability for these rings to be cut off in an emergency. It turns out that all hospitals & emergency crews have the_ tools necessary to cut and maybe break off a Tungsten ring. Sure, they are incredibly hard but these professionals have the_ know how. One site even gave pretty detailed instructions on how you could use an everyday pair of vice-grip pliers to actually break off the_ ring yourself at home. It sounded plausible. However, I’d like to see it done in real life.

All in all it seems like Tungsten Bands fit the_ bill for durable, masculine, highly polished replacement for our old bands. They would also make a great choice for someone getting their first wedding bands. They definitely sound like they would last a lifetime.

Oh, you’re probably still wondering what happened to the neighbor’s Tungsten Ring, right? Well, unfortunately I have mixed news. The bad news is he hasn’t found it yet. The_ good news is he had a guarantee on the ring that was like car insurance; it provided a replacement for a smal deductible which is a much better deal than buying a new ring.

I told him “you know, the_ most beneficial way to find the_ ring you lost is to go ahead & spend the money to get a new one.” Wouldn’t it be humorous if the_ lost ring showed up in the_ yard the_ next day.

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