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How I made $62,500 with an investment of just $2,500 in Penny Stocks


Around two months ago I thought it was a good idea to learn more about penny stocks and small cap companies in the stock market. I have heard from enormous gains in those stocks and decided to do some studying on my own.


I soon realized that trading in shares is rather difficult. One has to consider a lot of factors and dedicate a lot of time if not days with research. Technical analysis alone is a field that will need an inexperienced trader weeks to understand. And this is no guarantee that he will make money with the stock trades.


There for I thought it would be best to look out for stock picks and recommendations. I found a website that claims to have a proven record of their share recommendations in the last 15 years. The profits reached from 100% to 800% as listed on the website. I had enough of not finding anything in the Internet and since their recommendation is free of charge I gave it a Go and ordered a recommendation.


The following day I received a call from a Mr. Lynn who presented himself as an analyst for a broker house. Over the next 30 minutes Mr. Lynn explained the basics of his analysis and under which criteria share recommendations are being made.

He addressed all my doubts and I decided to give it a try and invested $2,500 in small cap gold company.


Within the next trading days the share didn’t move much and it wasn’t until three weeks until the stock suddenly started to go up in an extreme way. The rise was that sudden that my share climbed from 0,03 to around 0,40! I didn’t trust my eyes but after confirming on the established financial websites it was clear that my share made me a profit of around$40,000 in less than one month.


I needed to call Mr. Lynn and ask him for his thoughts. He recommended to keep the stock for some more time and sell at or around $0,45. I agreed and gave him the order to sell my stock at that time not guessing that the share would reach it already the NEXT DAY!


After selling my stock I am looking at a profit of 2500% or $60,000 thanks to Mr. Lynn.

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