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Simple Link Building Strategies

If you have a website, then you need traffic.  Link building is the easiest and cheapest way to obtain backlinks.  Organic search traffic provides targeted visitors which usually converts to profits (or adsense clicks).  There are many several ways to build links that will direct the search engines to your site.  In the following article I will explain two simple link building strategies.

A very effective method I use to build backlinks involves do follow blogs.  Do follow blogs have had the “no follow” tags removed from the comment area.  The means that any links used either when you register to comment or in your comments are picked up as backlinks.  In other words, the search engine web crawlers read this as a link back for the site.  Do follow blog commenting is effective when executed correctly.  You don’t want to visit many different niche related blogs and leave random comments.  You will be considered a spammer and your comments will be deleted.  You should read the blog post and leave an insightful comment that adds to the conversation.  You’ll get even more out of the link, if you let the blog owner know that you are going to add the post to your favorite social bookmarking site!

This social bookmarking strategy is another great way to add backlinks to your site from high page rank sites.  There are tons of social bookmarking sites on the internet.  To get the most from your bookmarking, be sure to use appropriate keywords as your tags.  Search engiines will associate the keywords with the url.  Why is this important?  The more high pr sites that point to your site for a spacific keyword, the higher your page will be on Google’s search results.  Don’t forget to add your information and picture to your profile. 

If you prefer to outsource this tedious task, the following company offers quality link building services at affordable prices.  Get all the traffic you deserve today. 

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