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The Most Popular Muscle Building Book Rating

People have started considering bodybuilding and fitness as an important pursuit as evidenced by the increase in the number of websites or web pages on the subject that are getting published daily. More people, who dream of building their muscles and getting thinner and slimmer, are participating in various programs worldwide.

People have started looking for reviews of The Truth About Building Muscle, aka Muscle Gain Truth, as it is making to the headlines everywhere. So here we go to get a peak at what is behind the hype and get to know the pros and cons of Muscle Gain Truth.

The Numbers

Muscle Gain Truth is a pioneering product which also includes several bonus products. This product was written by Sean Nalewanyj who by this time is well known over Internet for his bodybuilding training and his muscle gain truth’s website. Sean Nalewanyj is a natural body builder who has become famous due to this valuable resource. The format of this resource is a 249 page downloadable PDF file e-book.

Style And Substance

Nalewanyj’s e-book emphasizes on the HIT approach to muscle gain. Nalewanyj explains it using a combination of high intensity exercise, infrequent work outs along with a low training volume. Consequently the requirements for the book’s training program is just 24 minutes each day, which means that people don’t need to spare long hours to follow.

Every soul whoever evaluated the product has considered it to be a thoroughly organized e-book. The author has developed a well-written and easy-to-read resource. I can honestly say that rather than stuffing a plain PDF file with endless text, Sean really took the time to create a visually appealing product, complete with pictures and diagrams, which he uses to further explain his principles. So this e-book doesn’t seem to be a dry one. It ensures that the people are updated with the latest research too.

Sean Nalewanyj has removed every boring and serious approach. He has ensured that the muscle building aspirants are provided with a lot of facts and proven fundamentals. He has made the e-book easy-to-read that can also be easily understood.

No online e-book would be complete without the bonuses, right? So true to form the flagship e-book also comes with a 26 week step-by-step workout guide, several customized diet plans, a video database with over one hundred super-effective weight lifting exercises, and really a lot more that I simply didn’t have time to explore.

One interesting bonus item that I found particularly interesting was the free membership to the “School of Muscle” – a private social network now being called the “Muscle Myspace”. I like the social site idea of people who are all using the same muscle building approach, as I believe that hanging around with “like minded” individuals always helps in achieving goals.


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