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The glitter of a jewelry pendant

The glitter of a jewelry pendant has always fascinated all, across time and space. Jewelry is pure luxury. It brings emotions; it beautifies and helps to boost the wearer personality and prestige. And the best thing is that jewelry gives a lot of or infinite choices to each and every person to indulge in. Jewelry like platinum, gold, diamonds, pearls and pendant are a perfect way to give a permanent symbol of your appreciation. Pendant jewelry is getting popular day by day because of its low pricing and most importantly it bridges the gap between art and adornment.

When pendants are made in pure gold, silver or platinum, proper attention is given to detail, color and design to make the pendants attractive so that it can magnetize a lot of buyers, worldwide. These are often studded with precious stones for an enhanced appeal.

If you have a limited budget you can buy a sterling pendant. What does it mean “sterling”? By definition and international agreement “sterling” silver is 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% usually copper. The 92.5% is why jewelry is often stamped with the numbers 925 or .925.

Why mix pure silver with copper? Sterling silver is mixed to this exact ratio for some very good reasons. Silver tends to oxidize (tarnish) quickly, leaving it a yucky brown color. The 7.5% copper or other metals used to make sterling silver slow down the tarnishing process. Furthermore, pure silver is a very soft metal. Adding another, more durable, metal to the mix ensures that your silver jewelry will last a lot longer, and look a lot nicer down the road. So really, sterling silver is usually the better option when choosing jewelry.

And last but not least, adding another metal – and thus making the silver more durable – makes the substance easier for metal-smiths, jewelers and craftsmen to handle and manipulate into those intricate rings, pendants and necklaces we so adore.

So next time you’re shopping for some new jewelry, or buying an anniversary gift for your girlfriend / wife, you will understand exactly what the salesperson means when they say “This is sterling silver”.

A pendant is basically a great attraction hanging from around the neck and heading for the wearer’s heart. Because of this positioning it is trusted that it accentuates communication skills. Pendants are also for all budgets and tastes. Among teenagers, sterling pendants are more famous because of their some kind of neat, funky and hip-hop look. Necklace pendant stylish look and endless choice is making it more prominent.

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