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Beveled Tungsten Rings Make Truly Unique, Striking Wedding Sets for Newlyweds

Ask yourself the following questions to determine if a unique beveled tungsten rings is the best wedding ring for you. Do you love the idea of owning a wedding ring that nobody else will be wearing? Do you like to stand out from the crowd? Do you want to combine elements from many other wedding rings that you have seen? Do you want to own a wedding ring that will be impossible to date and does not fit into any particular wedding ring trend?

A unique wedding ring is by definition, a one off, although many couples would probably concede that all they really mean by that is something a little different, more outside of the box, that they are unlikely to see on anyone elses finger. A beveled tungsten rings set is perfect for those couples who do not want a wedding ring that is seen to be the same as all the others. However, with a lovely beveled tungsten rings set, the surface will maintain its original beautiful shiny finish.

There are a couple of ways to snag yourself a unique beveled tungsten rings. One way to obtain a relatively unique beveled wedding band or even a unique beveled tungsten carbide ring matching his and hers set would be to consider a custom beveled tungsten ring.

The enduring polish of a beveled tungsten rings together with the solid weight, speak of commitment, security and an everlasting bond.

Choosing a custom made beveled tungsten ring is the only real way to ensure that you will never see your exact beveled wedding band on another finger.

Custom jewelers are the ideal choice for a one off beveled tungsten carbide ring as they will be able to guide you every step of the way.

Also, do not be afraid to ask online retailers about making you a custom beveled tungsten ring.

Due to their extreme hardness, beveled tungsten rings will hold their shape and shine longer than any ring on the market.

Beveled tungsten rings have been referred to as the “Permanently Polished Rings”.

Perhaps you have the beveled tungsten ring pictured in your head, ready to be drawn up.

Perhaps you have a whole lot of ideas for your beveled wedding band, or maybe you are looking for inspiration.

Beveled tungsten rings should be individually hand crafted using assorted diamond abrasives and poly crystalline diamond tooling.

Beveled tungsten rings should be cobalt free.

The Manufacturing Process

And keep in mind, the beveled tungsten ring is only one alternative for those seeking an unusual wedding ring.

Tungsten rings with facets, white gold and yellow gold inlay, carbon fiber inlay, enamel inlay in black and other colors, and tungsten rings with laser etching have all recently become incredibly popular unique wedding bands.

Beveled tungsten rings inlaid with gold, silver, platinum or mokume gane are created by grinding a channel in the center of the ring and precisely “wedging” the metal into the channel under extreme pressure.

The ring is then skillfully polished with diamond polishing tools and wheels creating a permanent luster and polish not possible with other metals.

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