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Do you need a usability web review?

Does your business website need a usability review? Use this questionnaire to find out.

How important is this to you?

  • You’re not getting enough traffic
  • Your site gets a lot of traffic, but not as high a result as you’d like
  • Performance on the site is critical (eg lives are at stake, people must make important decisions)
  • Your site is your company’s main way of making money.

    • You need your site to make more money in these troubled times.
    • A new site has opened up and it’s taking traffic away from you.

    If you have one or more of these, the site is important enough to your business to consider a review.

    How good are your existing usability web practices?

  • Your design and development team didn’t include a usability expert
  • Less than 5% of your budget was spent on specific usability activities
  • You had usability experts on the team, but their recommendations weren’t fully implemented.
  • Your website designers didn’t show the designs to customers.
  • Your website designers did show designs to customers, but only at the end when it was too expensive to make any significant changes.
  • If you have one or more of these, your design process probably didn’t include enough usability, and you need a review.

    Do you have signs of usability problems?

  • People visit the home page and then leave
  • Customers get to certain pages, then bail before you make any money from them
  • You have lower return visits than you’d like. People buy from you once, then don’t come back
  • You have a lower conversion rate than you’d like – a lot of people look around on the site but don’t buy.
  • People are putting things into the shopping cart, but not buying them.
  • There are a lot of calls to your help line or online chat system asking basic questions
  • There are a lot of hits on your help section, site map and search (more than 3% of page visits)
  • People need to be trained to use this site.

  • A lot of people are watching your “how to use this site” video
  • Customers have trouble finding things
  • The navigation or sequence of steps doesn’t help customers do what they come to your site to do properly
  • There’s confusing wording, pages are long and hard to scan. Text includes jargon or complex sentences
  • There is a feeling that the site is confusing
  • You’re getting a lot of customer requests for changes
  • You’re getting a steady stream of complaints, or feedback saying the site is hard to use.
  • If you have one or more of these, the site is very likely to have usability issues. You need a review.

    Are there signs you need to assess your navigation and layout?

  • The home page has more than two major navigational schemes
  • The structure of the site reflects your organization’s structure or viewpoint – not the customer’s
  • The customer must go to more than three pages before they can see what they need
  • Menu categories are inconsistent
  • Page design is inconsistent
  • It’s hard to work out where to start.

If you have one or more of these, the site is very likely to have usability issues. You need a review.

To improve web usability consult the experts at

You can get a ‘3 quick wins’ report or a more detailed usability report – the choice is yours.

Article by Alinta Thornton

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