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Giclees For Sale – How to Share One’s Fine Art Giclee With the Rest of the World

If you are a painter, you know that there can be only one original of each work you create. However, professional-caliber prints of your art can be shared with those whom you love or for marketing and retail purposes. One of the most popular methods for reproduction today is giclee printing. Here’s a snapshot look at how giclee lets your share your or fine art giclee to the rest of the world.

What exactly is giclee?

Giclee is a French name given to a revolutionary high resolution ink jet process that can is most often used on archival paper or canvas for reproduction purposes. The main advantage of using giclee over other printing process is that the inks are highly fade resistant and can even maintain their original colors for as long as 50 to 100 years or longer!

How does it work?

You send or bring in a photograph or the original of your work to a printing facility that specializes in art giclee reproductions. Their trained professionals will scan the image and perform a series of color corrections to most closely approximate the original work of art. It is a long and tedious process, but a necessary one. Generally, proofs are made for your approval on-site or via mail if you do not live nearby.

What can I do with giclee prints?

Your work can now be reproduced however you’d like: in large wall sizes on canvas, as note cards, or however else you would like them done.

Giclee offers colors and resolution that are both vivid and realistic: in short, this printing process is the wave of the future.

<b>About The Author</b>

Dottie Marshall is a seasoned artist who lives in the beautiful tropical islands of the Florida Keys. She uses only the finest flowers from her own garden to produce stunning one of a kind giclee prints for sale! Go to –>

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