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Why You Should Not Design Your Own Minisite

Do you know what a minisite design is? Or maybe you have heard other people talk about minisite design? To put it simply, minisite design is design on a web page where the purpose is to sell your product or to collect visitors’ contact info. Usually minisite design is a term that only Internet marketers know. People outside the world of Internet marketing most likely do not know what it means. Don’t believe me? Try asking your friends if they know what a minisite design is and they will most like say No.

Sometimes people argue that you don’t need a good-looking minisite design in order to sell your product or service. They will say that you can simply use a standard HTML without any design at all. However, if you think deeply, do you really believe that website visitors will trust you when you are selling your product or service on an ugly web page? I’m sure that you will doubt the website owner and not buy his product or service.

The same thing goes for squeeze page with an ultimate footer ad. Having a professionally designed, nice looking squeeze page will increase your credibility, thereby increasing your opt-in rate. For this single reason alone, you ought to really get a minisite design done by a professional. It’s really a pity if you say to yourself “I want to have an internet business” when your minisite design is really bad.

You might say to yourself “Hmm why don’t I design the minister myself?” Well, the answer is NO you really don’t want to do it yourself. This is especially true if you don’t know a thing about graphic design. Why? I’ll give you three reasons why. First, your design is most likely very bad. The second reason is that you’d spent a lot of time trying to learn how to design and the final output (your design) will still be very poor anyway. You’d be a lot better spending your time to do stuff that you’re good at. The third reason is that hiring a professional minisite designer will save you both time and money, and the design will be tens, if not hundreds, of times better than your design.

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