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0800 freephone numbers Providing more than just a free call

Nearly everyone knows that phoning an 0800 number from a landline will cost them absolutely nothing. That is the beauty of 0800 numbers. They actually encourage people to call them because there is no barrier between them and the organisation that is using them.

That’s why 0800 numbers make good marketing phone numbers. If an organisation wants to attract enquiries all they need to do is promote their 0800 freephone number in an advert or on their website and they can watch the calls flood in. In fact, research by the Institute of Direct Marketing has stated that using an 0800 number can increase enquiries by up to 185%.

So, if a company was generating £5,000 in a typical month with their normal landline – they could actually make an incredible £14,250 if they used an 0800 phone number.

But that’s not all…

Like all non-geographic phone numbers, 0800 numbers enable organisations to smarten up the way they deal with their callers with various online call management systems. For example, welcome messages are popular because they introduce callers to the company that they are dialling e.g. “Welcome to Windsor Telecom”. Not only does this create a professional impression but it also encourages more people to stay on the line as they are certain that they have dialled the correct person or company.

Additionally (and this is one of the key reasons that all non-geographic numbers are so popular), 0800 numbers are completely portable. They simply work in tandem with a company’s landline or mobile number and can literally follow them wherever they go. This receiving number can change instantly too which means that if someone wanted to take some of the calls to their 0800 number on their mobile on one day and some on their landline, then they could do this simply by going online and tapping in the new receiving number. This ensures that all calls are received which could equal more sales for businesses, more enquiries for councils and more donations for charities, for example.

A portable number is also invaluable if a company needs to relocate. They simply change the receiving number to their new landline number or to their mobile to ensure that their existing customers can always get hold of them – wherever they are.

As this article shows, 0800 numbers offer more than just a free phone call and if people are smart they can find a 0800 numbers provider with the most memorable numbers on the market at the most competitive prices.

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