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How Computer Technology Affects Your Car Insurance

Since the inception of car insurance, things have changed quite a bit. The services and packages were a lot more personalized. The insurance house would build a relationship with their client and would base the premium on their specialized needs. As is still the case, males under the age of 25 would get a higher premium than anyone else. Females were granted the lowest premiums, if their driving records were good.

But now that computers have come into play in the modern world, things are changing in the insurance business. Nowadays, it does not matter what you say to your insurance broker, or how wonderful your relationship is with him, as your premium will be dependant on the insurance company’s computer system and what information they can find out about you on it. In this day and age, using computers and the internet, insurance companies can find out whether or not you have a bad driving background, what your credit report is like and also if you have any traffic offences or a criminal record. These factors, in addition to your age and address, will affect your insurance premium.

The key here is to make certain you have a clean record for them to check up on. If you obtain any driving tickets, make sure they are always paid up to date. If you have a motor vehicle accident, take an advanced driving course, which will also go on your record, to prove that you are enhancing your skills. Keeping your credit rating clean is important too, not only for your car insurance reasons, but for the health of your finances too.

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