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Kauai Real Estate Is A Great Choice

When considering purchasing Kauai real estate, there are some areas that are just downright beautiful to the point that it can be hard to choose where to buy. But, depending on what type of scenery you love, you can narrow down your choices until you find that perfect spot. Here are six beautiful places in Kauai for you to enjoy:

The Alakai Wilderness Preserve: You sure wouldn’t associate this place with paradise, but to many people it is. Born out of one of the earth’s wettest areas, the fog-shrouded Mount Wai’ale’ale, this is an area of natural bogs that is great to explore at any time. The locals call it Alakai swamp, and it is a reserve for many rare birds and plants. Who knows – you might find an undiscovered species!

Hanalei Bay: In the summer this bay is like glass, lying on the North Shore, a bay with almost three miles of beach on Kauai. It offers a backdrop of waterfalls and high mountains, and the small friendly town of Hanalei is situated about half way along the bay. In the winter the surf is big and great for riding, although the water moves faster than the surf does. The real estate is fabulous, and is available both on the bay and in the town.

Ke’e Beach: This is a great beach, and anybody would be mad not to want to own real estate here. This area offers some of the best Kauai real estate you can buy if you have a family with children. You can reach it using a footpath on the Na Pali coastline, and it is shallow with practically no currents. You can spend all day here with the kids, snorkeling and swimming in the crystal water and nobody will bother you. You find no problems at all in finding a real estate agent to help you buy land in this area for a holiday home.

Limahuli Garden and Preserve: This is an area of Kauai that you will love if you like scenery, and find walking and hiking relaxing. This area was given the top award by the Hawaiian Tourism Authority and has also been given the award for the best botanical garden in the USA. It offers some of the most spectacular gardens you will ever see, and is also a nature preserve. The photographic opportunities here are peerless, and there are plenty of Realtors in the area that will sell you a piece of land here: you can own your own piece of heaven on earth, because that’s what this Kauai Real Estate is. Sheer heaven!

Wailua River State Park: For anyone into kayaking or canoeing, who loves hiking and massive, 150-foot waterfalls, this is the park for you. Wailua River is Hawaii’s only navigable rive and home to Opaeka’a Falls, which can be seen for miles. There are several residential areas close by from which to enjoy all this state park offers throughout the year.

Waimea Canyon State Park: While it is not near as deep as the Grand Canyon, it is more stunning as it’s filled with beautiful, lush trees, flowers, rare bird species only found in Kauai, and other wonderful sights. One thing that the Grand Canyon doesn’t have is a massive volcano in the middle, which is what helped to create the Waimea Canyon in the first place.

These are only six of the wonderful areas you’ll find on Kauai. There are other communities and towns on Kauai, each of which offers their own charm, you’ll want to check out. There’s no shortage of beautiful locations and residences on Kauai from which to find your dream home.

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