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Free Online Resources Designed to Make You Smarter

Everyone knows that it is hard to find good things that are truly free. To find something that is free and could make you smarter at the same time, well, that’s a real trick. But don’t give up – Simply Charly found a few websites out there that provide free mind games. Actual experts, who want to help boost your IQ and make you smarter, have designed these games. The science magazine Discover has a great site with three free brain building mini games.

The site behind these games is It claims to give your brain a workout in just 10 minutes a day. However, the website also is quick to point out that our brains slow down as we grow older, the process that can start as early as the tender age of 30.

You can try three sample games that are really challenging. One is Moneycomb, which forces players to remember where differently valued coins are placed on a grid game. At the lower levels, it’s fairly easy. However, if you want a high score, this memory game becomes very demanding.

The second free game is called Speed Match and it is quite fun. In some ways the game couldn’t be any simpler: You watch different objects as they appear on the screen, and then answer one simple “yes” or “no” question. That question and the core of the game is this:- “is this object the same as the last one?” You are judged on accuracy and speed. With some practice, it is possible to build up both.

The last game is Word Bubbles. It gives you three random letters and then awards points for the number of words you can spell in an allotted time using these letters. The concept behind these games is that of neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to reorganize itself based on new experiences, bolstering the process of learning, memory, and adaptation of newly acquired knowledge.

At, there are many other brain training games that are available for a nominal subscription of $6 per month. The additional categories include: attention, focus, language, visual perception, fluid intelligence, stress, reaction time, spatial reasoning, problem solving and “general health.” If the three free trial games that cover the categories of language, processing speed, and memory are any indication, then Lumosity might be worth playing – at any age.

Happy learning!

Simply Charly

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