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Basic Canoe Accessories to Buy

You’ve finally decided to find a hobby that lets you get back to nature, and you’ve bought a canoe. No doubt you made a wonderful choice based on your own wants and needs. But now you’re wondering if perhaps a canoe is all you need to buy. After all, you see so many items for sale in the canoe section of the sports store. Are they worth purchasing? What do they do?

An anchor can be a useful accessory for you to purchase. You may sometimes want to park your canoe in the middle of a quiet lake and float for a bit to rest or admire the scenery, but you don’t want water currents to sweep you up or the wind to be continually blowing you over to the shore. Anchors weigh between five and ten pounds and their quality is similar from brand to brand. What you want to look for is that the part that secures your anchor to your canoe is of good quality.

Chairs to add onto your canoe are a personal choice. Most canoes come with sections to sit on, but many people find these flat boards uncomfortable. Most chairs are simply little more than a cushion that can be tied onto the already-existing section for sitting that your canoe has, but some of the fancier chairs come with a back. Chairs are wonderful devices for people who have a hard time sitting on something hard and flat or for those with back problems.

For keeping water out of your canoe, a bilge pump is usually much more useful. Bilge pumps are simple pumps that hook up to the inside of the canoe. By pumping manually, you can suck up the water that sits inside the canoe and spray it back out of your watercraft. Some bilge pumps have a motor available which cuts the task down in manual labor.

The last kind of most commonly-available accessory is motors. Motors help propel the boat, so that you aren’t required to paddle. Many people enjoy buying motors for their canoe to save their arm strength for fishing. Others use their canoe for whitewater rafting, and motors would be absolutely useless while trying to navigate rapids.

As always, choosing to purchase an accessory depends mainly on your own needs and wants. Many people buy nothing for their canoes save a set of paddles and are perfectly satisfied with that. If, however, you’d like a few things to make your life a little easier, then getting a few accessories for your canoe is a must.

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