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Tax Refund Estimator – Estimate 2009, 2010 Tax Refund Free

Want to know of a quick way to get a preview of your tax refund for 2009?

Want to know your tax refund without actually going through the whole process of filing your tax return?

Is there some tool that will do this for you? for Free?

Yes there is!

Its a little tool called the tax refund calculator.

What does the Tax Refund Calculator do?

Its an online software that you can use to basically get a quick estimate of your taxes without actually preparing your tax return. it is backed by some of the biggest names in the Tax prep business.

You enter basic details like your marital status,your income from your job, You enter your deductions like your home, you charitable contributions, your retirement contributions- hit a button and your taxes are calculated for you.

If you are unsure of an amount you can always guesstimate – because this is not an actual tax return. However, the more accurate your entries, the better the refund estimate would be.

Where can you find it?

Several online tax vendors provide this service for free See here for details on one of the best tax refund calculator for 2008.

Why Should You Use it?

Get a quick estimate of your taxes. This whole process hardly takes 5-10 minutes.
You can get a preview of your taxes for 2008. And then take your time to gather all the documents needed to actually prepare and file your tax return. Best of all – Its free. Its free as in FREE. Because you don’t even have to signup for something or even give up any of your personal information.

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