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KVM Switches connection and management

The number of KVM switches available at present in this ever evolving technological market. The number of computers that you can control using KVM switches is really dependent on the hardware being used by the individual. Whether its one or two computers or controlling an entire network, KVM switches offer you flexibility and control over systems that were previously unmanageable.

KVM switches are brilliant for home enthusiasts to connect up there growing super computer or for technicians and engineers to check large networks of computers from a remote location. The KVM switch is a fantastic way of cutting down on cabling and maximising what you get out of the space you have available to you. Lets look at each of the KVM types to clarify which KVM switch is for which job.

First I want to look at dual DVI KVM leads they are a little bulky with a strong box holding the workings all together. These KVM switches are for small set ups where you only need to control between 2 and 4 systems with one keyboard, mouse and display. Normally this type of KVM lead has a button that you press on the box which allows you to switch from one computer to another. This is fine if you are not changing between computers that often, though you can normally set it up so that the change switch is pretty accessible.

The next KVM switch that steps up the usability and flexibility of use is the USB KVM Switch which can be daisy chained up to allow you to control 512 computers from a single console. You can get a huge variety of USB KVM and how many ports you get is up to you the switches normally coming in 16 port versions, 8 port versions, 6 port versions, 4 port versions and 2 port versions. The switches can normally be controlled by allocating hot keys on your keyboard to switch from system to system but still give you the manual functionality of the DVI KVM with switches normally on the Hardware itself. With some of the models there is a multimedia flavour with audio and microphone functionality.

The final KVM I want to look at is the IP KVM which allows the user to control systems from a completely different location removing issues of distance. This type of KVM solution works using a secure 128 bit secure browser and allows a technician or user to change, update or fix the computer down in some cases to a BIOS level. Multiple users can be set up with varying levels of security access. Some of the IP KVM Switches can connect up to 1000 computers to up to 250 user stations which is fantastic when compared with the basic models of KVM switches.

I hope this has given you a wider understanding of the variety of KVM switches that there are on the market. Bare in mind that whatever your system, there is more than likely a KVM switch be it DVI KVM Switches, IP KVM Switches that can help you achieve your goals.

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